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Fragrance Gels
One of the most exciting advances in the industry has been the development of fragrance gels. Fragrance gels are perhaps the most concentrated fragrancing option on the market today. This unique gel-based design delivers a truly pure scent. Gels are clear, long-lasting and can be used in almost any situation and with any fragrance. They can even be used for odor-neutralizing needs. We have direct access to the largest and best fragrance gels available. The possibilities are endless!


Air Fresheners
At Kavango, we have developed a truly unique automobile freshener using an exclusive board that is extremely white—perfect for very sharp graphics. This board is high fragrance loading, long lasting and provides consistent fragrance release. Using an air freshener in the car, home or office is one of the easiest ways for anyone to bring quick and continuous freshness to their surroundings. Our fresheners are designed on exclusive materials that not only provide you with a continuous light and pleasant fragrance, but also give you the sharpest canvas for even the most complex graphics. All of our air fresheners are super long lasting, high quality and are available in almost any fragrances.  


Fragranced Sachets
Add fragrance anywhere! Our fragrance sachets use Flo-Thru® technology, an in-house pouch-making process that enables us to fill sachets into special flow through paper and non-woven materials. Made with concentrated fragrance oils, our sachets are a terrific way to fragrance drawers, closets, cars, suitcases and anything else you can imagine. Flo-Thru technology controls the release rate and allows the scent to last longer than typical sachets. One Flo-Thru sachet will fill a car with delicious aroma for at least one month. They can also be easily refreshed with more fragrance oil for even longer use.


Scented Beads
Our Fragrance Beads are so powerfully scented and long lasting, that in certain situations the scent can remain strong for months! They are perfect to use in sachets, or even in a vacuum cleaner. Natural essential oils and fragrance oils have been artfully combined for this extraordinary home fragrance option. These specially formulated beads are as beautiful as precious gems, and can be produced in gorgeous colors to match the scents. We even offer “glow-in-the-dark” beads for some extra fun! Nothing is as relaxing or soothing to tired muscles as a soak in a warm tub with our bath salts. Our bath salts are the ultimate in luxury. They are unique in character and famous for their healing and therapeutic properties. Bath salts are a simple and delightful way to add valuable minerals to bathwater, which soften and cleanse the skin. Made with the finest of natural ingredients and pure essential oils, they employ the healing benefits of botanicals and aromatherapy with each bath. Our bath salts can be made in a variety of different shapes and sizes.


Custom Products
At Kavango, we specialize in bringing your ideas to market. Contact us with any original scented product or packaging ideas you wish to have created and we will outline exactly how it can be achieved.



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