Scented products and aromatherapy have become
more than just a novelty these days. In this ever growing, multi-billion dollar industry, fragrance and essential oils seem to be working their way into every nook and cranny
of our lives. In recent years, competition has led to some major advances in technology. These advances have created unique opportunities for companies such as yours to extend their product lines and enhance their profitibility.
Kavango is a packaging manufacturer and producer of a wide range of scented products. We offer many options for your company and invite you to explore them. We’ll be happy to provide you with even more detailed information
at your request.

At Kavango, our goal is simple…We offer the highest quality products at a fair price and do it at a service level you will not find anywhere else. We want to be your partner and help you achieve your goals. You dream it and we'll produce it.

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